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About the Section

The American Chemical Society San Gorgonio section (ACS SGS) is a Southern California local section that represents chemists located in Riverside County and southern San Bernardino County, just east of Los Angeles County. Our section name "San Gorgonio" is derived from San Gorgonio Mountain, the highest peak in Southern California, located in the San Bernardino Mountains. Additionally, our name is also based on the compound gorgonic acid, more formally referred to as 2-amino-3-(4-hydroxy-3,5-diiodophenyl)propanoic acid, which is present in the scleroprotein from the skeletal tissue of sponges and coral.

Our local section is built and sustained by a small group of volunteers that work hard to bring chemistry to our community. We host several meetings and events throughout the year to connect ACS members in the area together, as well as to reach out to local schools about all things chemistry. We welcome you to contact us about how you can be involved! 

-Eileen DiMauro, Section Chair

Section Officers


Eileen DiMauro

Past Chair

Jenifer Nalbandian

Associate Professor of Chemistry

California Baptist University


David Srulevitch 



Dennis Pederson


Emily Viggers


Ana Bahamonde

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

University of California, Riverside


Jessy Lemieux 

Web Designer

Michael Nalbandian 

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

California Baptist University